Healthcare design

Explanimations for bladder cancer patient
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Healthcare design


UMC Utrecht Cancer Center


Art direction, Animation and design


Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Premiere pro



The Dutch healthcare system is changing, costs are rising and patients want to have more control about their healthcare. After my graduation project, I was asked to work together with a clinical nurse specialist from the urology- oncology. Together we came up with a new concept on how we can improve the way patients receive information. (At this moment) The clinical nurse specialist spends a lot of time informing patients about their sickness and treatment options. If we can reduce the time that is spend on giving information to patients, we can reduce the medical costs and the way patients feel about their illness.

Research found that patient information combined with simple visual elements is easier to remember and recall for the receiver. The idea for line explanimations was born, but there are patients without Internet or electronic devices, so how do they receive the new information?

The video brochure is the device that helps those patients. For less then 30 euros every patient gets a personally tailored brochure with both general and tailored information, depending on their sickness and the stage they are in.

We started small with only bladder cancer patients, but we kept in mind that all oncology patients want to have this new form of information. We kept the cost low by building animation blocks that can be used for different illnesses. By combining those blocks we where able to build quick explanations for different illnesses.

The explanimations are line icons to give visual impressions about the subject and combined with a few 2,5D visuals we can give detailed information when needed. Because of the illness, most patients are not able to recall all the given information. By providing them one single piece of information with simple visual elements they can watch over again, as with the video brochure, the ability of patients to recall information is improved and the treatment choices where easier to make.

Medical professionals giving information to the patients in this way, causes them to spend less time on giving general information. The time gained by this is/can be used to focus on specific problems the patient endures and therefor improves the treatment!