School project for the TV program Kassa.
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Project type

School project


BNN / Vara, Kassa


Art direction, Concept and design


Illustrator, Photoshop



For my minor, my team and I worked for the company BNN/Vara. They asked us to transform the data set from the program 'Kassa' into an infographics. At the start, I had the idea that just 1 poster wouldn’t fit the company style. I came up with the idea that it would be awesome to print 3 different infographic on glass and hang them on a rail. That way the infographic can be turned left and right and because it was printed on glass it would unlock different data from the infographics. After selling the idea to the company I needed to quit the course because of personal reasons. I never saw the end result and my team needed to change the idea back into one single infographics print.